SBH Rooftop Farm Transf0rming Health in the Bronx

Think of this:  Thousands of pounds of fresh, local produce are grown and made available to a community where fresh and healthy food is hard to find. A bee farm with 250,000 bees produces jars of delicious honey.

Growing Healthy Food

SBH has partnered with Project EATS, which runs runs urban farms throughout the New York metropolitan area. Find out more....

Learn How to Cook Healthy

Find out about the SBH Teaching Kitchen and how to apply for free classes...

Producing Honey Naturally

250,000 bees have made it their home since April. This will result in the production of honey by the fall. Find out about bee hives....

Bees In The Bronx “Bees in the bronx, but in a good way, in fact a hospital is taking a natural approach…” To find out more listen
Here Comes The Bees 250,000 bees now call the Rooftop Farm of the SBH Health and Wellness Center home.  They have already produced 150 pounds of honey. 
Bronx hospital has 250K bees on its roof “This hospital has a lot of wings. St. Barnabas Hospital has built a hive for hundreds of thousands of bees on
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